Friday, May 7, 2010

Silly Senior Moments and Crazy Pets

Coming up with material on a daily basis to delight my readers is sometimes difficult, especially when, on occasion, the material I write isn’t that delightful. I am looking to expand my blog space and I am asking for some help.

Beginning right away I’d love to receive some funny photos or stories based on two subjects, i.e. silly senior moments and crazy pets (or wildlife). I’m sure you or someone you know has photos, videos or little stories that are pretty funny and would like a place to share them. You know, grandma forgets where she put her teeth and they right where they always are, next to the pickles in the refrigerator of course. Your cat just had kittens and you catch all 5 of them in various stages of climbing your curtains, natural circus performers that they are. Anything of that nature is welcomed.

Just so there are no misconceptions, I do reserve the right to place funny captions in and about your photos, but that’s only to enhance the comedic relief, and more importantly, satisfy my need to get a laugh or two out of my readers.

I’ll allow you space on my blog to put up those items and it won’t cost you a dime. I’ll make sure that what comes to the site, stays on the site, and if you get comments on your submissions, I’ll see to it that you not only get credit but get a chance to respond to the comments.

Sometime, further down the road, if the idea takes off and I get enough traffic to make a little money from advertising, I may even be able to start paying a small amount for submissions. So, in essence, my success depends on you, but I’m willing to share the wealth, if it ever comes to that.

So what do you say? Help a poor needy blogger, missus? Or mister? It will be a hoot, an absolute hoot. Just send your submissions through the comment section with links to the media you are sending along. Oh, and thanks. Really.

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