Monday, August 20, 2012

Akin Story a Ruse to Get Obama off Romney’s Back?

The Todd Akin/Legitimate Rape story had pundits’ tongues wagging all over the place, from local news to prime time, conservatives to liberals, and according to unconfirmed sources, that’s just the way the GOP wants it.

According to the source, Akin was actually hired by Rove’s superPAC, American Crossroads to take a bullet for Mitt Romney.

 “We planned this about a month ago,” he said. “We knew there would be calls for his resignation from those who weren’t in on the plan, so we went ahead and pumped a million or so into his campaign ahead of time. Todd’s got enough to keep himself going without our help,” said the secret source. 

“But don’t quote me on that…it may have been two million, I’m not really for sure about the particulars.”

Asked if it was really necessary to use Akin as a human shield for Romney, Rove, er I mean, the secret source replied, “Oh hell yeah. In fact, you ain’t seen nothing yet. As long as Obama keeps pounding away at Romney and asking for his tax returns, we are working day and night to stay ahead of him.”

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