Saturday, August 4, 2012

Top Things Kim Jong-Un Said to Wife on Wedding Night

It was a surprise to many to find out that Kim Jong-Un was dating, let alone getting married. While the saying goes, there is someone for everyone, we have to wonder just what kind of woman would marry a scary world leader like Kim Jong-Un. 

While we are wondering, just what kind of sweet nothings do you suppose Un whispered to his bride on their first night alone in the Bridal Chamber of the Royal Palace? 

Here are my thoughts:

That not medal you feel on thigh, baby.

You want to touch my big rocket?

We bang now. I pay later, ok?

Not such a little guy now, am I?

You best cousin in world.

Where babies come from?


You no tell nobody about my secret stash of M&Ms

I really ruv your camofrage kimono, baby.

Make me feel special or I have you killed, ok?

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