Sunday, July 1, 2012

Travelers Head to Florida to Escape Heat

Travelers all over the United States are heading to Florida in droves to escape the heat wave that is gripping the country. Hotels and motels are filling up fast, and the influx is expected to last throughout the next week to ten days.

“Lots of them are coming in from the scorched Southwest states of Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico,” said Florida’s tourist supervisor, Chuck Sandrock, who is in charge of keeping track of vacation trends. “We’ve now gone from snowbirds to firebirds, and there seems to be no let up in sight.”

In addition to the heat, it appears that incredibly strong storms known as straight-line storms are popping up everywhere except Florida, making Florida a much safer option for a week from the trauma of bad weather.

“We have the beaches surrounding us, which is a plus,” said Sandrock. "It seems the heat is sucking all the moisture out of the Gulf, making it actually safer to be in and around the Florida peninsula than anywhere else in America right now.”

Unfortunately, because of the sudden change in summer vacation plans, tempers are heating up at the airports. With airlines and car rental agencies over-booking services, it is quite possible that Florida will soon join the other states in increased heat-related deaths.

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