Friday, July 13, 2012

Photos of Mitt Romney in Tea Bag Swimsuit Emerge

Less than a week after Mitt Romney and his family returned from vacation in New Hampshire, photos have begun emerging showing a relaxed Mittster soaking up the sun on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. His choice of sunbathing attire? A tiny blue Speedo.

Folks in the Romney camp are working overtime trying to figure out how the photos got leaked to the press. But Mitt, himself, seems ok with the leakage of information.

“Hell, I’m pretty damned fit for a man my age. I wear my Speedos as a badge of honor,” said Romney (off the record, of course).

Rumor has it that the photos are selling for thousands of dollars and that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has bought several for his Speedo photo collection. 

“I can totally relate with Mr. Romney,” said Putin. “I, myself, love the smell and feel of spandex, and applaud any man for having the balls to wear a tight-fitting bathing suit.”

Unfortunately, the above quote was ultimately attributed to a morning drive radio show host from Chicago who thought the whole idea of Putin being a fan of men in Speedos was funny. He admitted that it was a hoax and that he just wanted to see if he could pull off the accent. 

Vladimir Putin, it turns out, does not have an affinity for men in Speedos or Mitt Romney.

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