Friday, May 9, 2014


Here it is folks, the video you've all been waiting to see, not in technicolor, but as it was meant to be North Korean Black and White. So get a tub of popcorn, or some k-rations and gather the family around the computer for about a minute of fun (hey, what do you want? It took me a day and a half just to get this short film done).

Oh, and one more your back Weird Al - I'm a gunnin' for you.
Click the link below:

If I just had me some stature,
my ego wouldn't fracture
I wouldn't be so rude.

I would be a nicer guy and say
Heck I don't hate the USA
I'd be a gnarly dude.

I wouldn't need no help
To reach the upper shelf
I'd get things on my own

And I wouldn't need a ladder
just to empty my bladder
if my legs had only grown.

If I were a bigger guy
I'd be tall enough to maybe touch the sky
I wouldn't have to try to sit up straight
That's if my height was six foot eight.

If I grew in adolescence
or even pre-pubescence,
I'd be so outta sight

I could look  you in the eye
Cause I'd be a taller guy

If I only had some height.

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