Friday, January 29, 2010

Kate Gosselin: The Taming of the Shrewd

The long-awaited news has finally arrived. TLC has just announced the name and format for Kate’s solo show, sans Jon and Kids. The show is tentatively named Kate: TheTaming of the Shrewd, and it features Kate each week being employed by B through D-rated reality stars, who give Kate some much needed lessons in humility by assigning her various odd jobs to perform.

Our sources tell us that Kate’s been spotted on location around town taking on the tasks that will become part of her new show.

In the first episode, TLC has Kate cleaning the kitchen of quick-tempered TV Chef personality, Gordon Ramsay. With Kate doing the cleaning, Ramsay is expected to give a dinner party where all his guests will be able to eat off the floor! But will Kate even make it to the mopping with Ramsay breathing down her neck, or will her servitude end early with a repeat of Ramsay’s famous “pig” comment?

Other episodes slated will include:

Kate babysitting Nadya Suleman’s (Octomom) 14 children—Who better to handle a full brood of youngsters than the original Octomom? Will coping with 6 additional children send Kate over the edge? Will it throw off her rhythm? Will Nadya flip out when the time comes to actually relinquish control of her kids to someone else? Or will Kate and Nadya bond long enough for Kate to get some much needed tips from Nadya on how to set up a website to accept donations for over-sized families?

Cleaning out Rachel Zoe’s shoe closet—This one might just prove to be the most fun to watch as we take bets on whose OCD wins out on this battle of the wills. While Kate is just starting to amass a large shoe collection, she has no idea of the hundreds of pairs she’ll be dealing with in Zoe’s closet. And to add to the fun, TLC folks have taken some shoes out of the boxes and left some in, leaving Kate to decide if all the shoes should be boxed or unboxed. We have a feeling that she’ll find out soon enough from Rachel.

Walking Gretchen and Danny Bonaduce’s dogs—It’s payback time for the Gosselin puppies who didn’t have a chance on Jon and Kate Plus 8. In the new show, we’ll see how long it takes Kate to try and convince the Bonaduces’ breeder to take their dogs back after a few rounds of scooping poop.

As with Gosselin’s previous reality series, Kate: TheTaming of the Shrewd is expected to pull in huge viewing audiences that want to see Kate succeed as a working mother and cheer her on even while she may be cleaning some D-list actor’s toilet. And it will also have folks watching just to see Kate get a little comeuppance and, as they say, “put her back in her place.”

It should be a rollicking fun time for all and another major TLC hit.

To make things a little more interesting on this show, TLC is asking Kate’s fans to write in and let them know who they’d like to see Kate serving and what they’d like to see her do. According to TLC, “the wackier, the better.” So if you have any ideas, now is the time, because they’ll only be taking viewer suggestions until March 15, 2010. And please, TLC asks that you “keep it clean” for Kate’s sake.

Best of luck, Kate!

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