Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bill's Philandering Pays Off

Washington D.C. - Thanks to some help from those in high places, as well as some very creative fundraising, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign fund has gone from red to black, literally. She’s not only gotten some help from President Obama in helping her pay off the $25 million debt left by her campaign, but also from her husband, Bill.

Upon realizing that their $5 raffle tickets to “spend a day with Bill Clinton” was generating a lot of interest from Hillary’s female supporters, they decided to “go all the way” and offer Bill up for an entire weekend to not one, but two lucky bidders. So far the bidding has brought in more than enough to pay off Hillary’s debt and keep Bill out of her hair for awhile. Said Bill, “I’m just happy I’m finally able to turn my weaknesses into something powerful for Hillary. Everybody wins in the end.”

Unfortunately, the offer for the opportunity to talk politics with James Carville has garnered only one response from none other than Joe the Plumber, who just wants to do it because he says he cracks up when he hears Carville’s accent.

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