Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Montauk Monster Sighting

Another Montauk Monster Sighting

NY – U.S. Marshalls yesterday ousted Ruth Madoff from her $7 million Upper East Side Manhattan penthouse in the Lipstick Building, leaving her to fend for herself. There was some confusion in the beginning when Mrs. Madoff answered a knock at the door and U.S. Marshal Joseph Guccione identified himself. “Oh, yes, Gucci, I didn’t know you delivered.” The mistake was quickly corrected when she was told to hand over the keys and get out.

As crowds of angry onlookers gathered in front of the building, one former friend stepped up, offering to let her sleep on her couch for a few days. She abruptly brushed the woman aside, saying “Not to worry, I’m waiting for my ride now to take me to my mansion in Montauk,” leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Montauk Monster truly does exist.

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