Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Snold Has Grown Old
(loosely following "The Cat in the Hat")

The Snold Has Grown Old
So old it's not funny
He lives in a place
Where the sun is not sunny

He and his friends
Are much older than dirt
They no longer smile and
they no longer flirt

Too old to take hikes
Too old to ride bikes,
They can't get around to the
places they like,

He yells at the kids
to stay off of the grass
The Snold doesn't move
he just sits on his ass,

He sits round all day,
Yes he sits,
Not like old Myrtle,
Who still likes to knit.

Then something goes BLAM
like a battering ram
He feels it
His knees have gone out on him
Bursitis, Arthritis, Tinnitus
and more
He no longer feels like
himself anymore.

Lucky for him there is one saving grace
He'll soon lose his mind
And get outta this place.


  1. I don't usually like old-age humor. This is clever and funny. Thanks, Patti.


  2. If we have to get old, we may as well laugh at ourselves Gerald. It's the only thing left, our humour.


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