Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sarah Palin Blames Drill Baby Drill Comments on Evil Twin

Wasilly, AK – Finally, what the American people have been waiting for from Sarah Palin, the truth. No longer do we have to guess why she would backtrack on her famous “Drill, Baby, Drill” comment when, in fact, it wasn’t she who said it.

“I have an evil twin, Sally, who is responsible for most of the awful things that come out of my mouth,” said Sarah in a recent tweet. “I’ve known about Sally for quite some time, but thought that if I told anyone about it, they’d think I was crazy, so I’ve just kept mum about it and took the heat. But this time, Sally has gone too far,” said Sarah. “This time she is making me out to be a big liar and I can no longer allow people to think that of me.”

Sarah is speaking, of course, about the drill, baby, drill comments and what was meant by them. “I never said that it was safe to drill offshore. I only meant that we should continue drilling on land. When I get confused, Sally takes over and when Sally takes over, everything gets muddled. She talks like me, walks like me and even dresses like me. In fact, she is so good at copying me, that I sometimes don’t even know if it is her talking or me. That is how good she is at deception.”

Asked if possibly Sally is just a person Sarah has made up to take the heat off herself, Sarah responded that she (Sally) was not a figment of her (Sarah’s) imagination. “No, Sally is real and she is really dangerous. Why just last week she attempted to tell a group of tea party members that I opposed the Bridge to Nowhere when, in fact, I, wait a minute, I did oppose the Bridge to Nowhere, didn’t I? Oh that Sally, what a little troublemaker she is. She got me again, good this time.”


  1. I see you're still at it. Love your sense of the absurd. Keep it up!


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