Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Man Puzzled Over Finding Two Conflicting Fortunes in One Fortune Cookie

Nick Hendron of Cary, North Carolina, was stopped dead in his tracks after dining at a local Chinese restaurant Saturday. Upon paying for his meal, he was handed his usual fortune cookie.

“The fortune cookie at the end is honestly the only reason I even go to Chinese restaurants,” said Hendron. “I have gotten some pretty spot-on messages, and it is way cheaper than paying to see a psychic.”

This time, however, Hendron received not one but two fortunes embedded in the stale almond cookie. He read the first one which said “Your hard work has paid off. Expect a boost in salary soon.” Hendron was over the moon. He stated that he had been working extra time at his job at a local communications company and wondered if his bosses had noticed. In fact, he had been called into the office just that morning and told that the company had received a letter from a loyal customer thanking them for Nick’s conscientious service at her home a week earlier.

Feeling validated with the first fortune, Nick was ready to accept the fate handed him in the rare second fortune, fully expecting it to be a positive message as well. He pulled the rest of the cookie apart and while happily munching on the cookie, he read “Misunderstandings at work could lead to a demotion.” Hendron nearly choked on the stale cookie. He wondered if this was a disgruntled fortune cookie worker’s way of getting back at a not-so-nice boss or if it had a deeper meaning.

Hoping to solve the mystery, Nick motioned the waiter over and asked if anyone had ever received two fortunes in one cookie, and was told by the surprised waiter that as far as he knew, it had never happened before. Hendron then asked for a second cookie and was told that it would cost him an additional $.50, which the distressed diner gladly paid.

Nick hoped the third fortune would shed some light on either how two fortunes got into one cookie or more importantly, which way his life was going to go. He got his answer upon reading the fortune which stated simply “I quit.”

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