Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mitt Romney and Wife Show Up at Events Wearing Nike Galaxy Shoes

Romney says they're pretty grotesque but then
so are his $1000 pair of bright pink golfing pants

Mitt Romney is proving he’ll do just about anything to show his supporters that he is ready, willing and able to spend the money it takes to become President, and how he dresses is an important component in that.

Upon hearing that the newly released Nike Foamposite Galaxy basketball shoe is quickly becoming one of the most expensive shoes on the market, Romney had his people rush out and buy a couple of pair for himself and his wife to wear in Michigan.

Asked why he would buy basketball shoes when he clearly isn’t into sports, Romney told reporters that he doesn’t buy things necessarily for their function but more for their form. People see in me the ability to obtain things, expensive things, and they say ‘hey, wish I could have a pair of those,’ and I am instantly the person they think has things they don’t. It’s so simple really, I can’t believe I’m explaining this to you,”and then added “Ok, ok, I’ll say it a bit clearer. The shoes are expensive, I buy expensive things, ergo I’m rich.”

In a related story, shortly after Romney and his wife got off the bus in downtown Detroit, they were mobbed by several teenagers trying to get at the Nike Galaxy shoes. Secret service agents had to whisk the pair back onto the bus and take them to the suburbs where they assumed they were less likely to be attacked.

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