Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brazil Steals Oktoberfest from Germans

Blumenau, SC, Brazil – In what can only be called the biggest beer coup of the decade, the town of Blumenau, Brazil has stolen yet another world’s biggest party, this time from the Germans. When it comes to hedonism, Brazilians have the corner on the market.

In recent years, Brazilians have stolen a couple of really big parties from the Americans, such as Mardi Gras, now much more famous in it’s Carnaval incarnations, the largest of which are in Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio; and they’ve stolen New Year’s Eve away from New York’s Time Square to stage the biggest party in the world on Copacabana Beach in Rio on December 31st. And now, they’ve stolen Oktoberfest.

Herr Herman Munschter is a longtime resident of Blumenau, Brazil and when asked if he thought it was a better party than he’s witnessed in Germany in the past, he answered “Ja, ischt gut,” as he stumbled across the street to find his polka partner, Zilda.

The statistics of just how big this annual party in Blumenau is are staggering, for instance:

***There are more attendees than there is street space to hold them, so many walk around holding their friends on their shoulders.

***Blumenau had to build a special dam to release the waters of the Itajai River during Oktoberfest because of the high volume of urination taking place from all the beer drinking. Without the dam, river levels would have become dangerously high.

***Beer is free to everyone. You don’t have to pay for any beer, none of it. (Actually, this is only partially true.) There is a bierwagen that goes through town dispensing free beer every night until it’s gone. But not to worry, there is plenty of cheap beer on sale when the free beer runs out, and to accompany that beer you’ll find some of the best wurst in the world, such as knockwurst, liverwurst and bratwurst.

***During this festival, the cities of Berlin and Munich, Germany offer special travel deals to lure their citizens back to their Oktoberfest parties, without much success.

***The German women in Brazil are much hotter.

***Even the Germans are beginning to call the Brazilian version “Oktoberbest.”

This is a non-stop, beer drinker’s dream destination. Visit
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO6BKnTEatc for a taste of Oktoberfest the Brazilian way.

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