Friday, March 30, 2012

Newt Gingrich Super PAC Spends $1 Million on Mega Millions Lotto

Most common folks in America don’t even know who Sheldon Adelson is, but come Saturday, after he is announced the winner of the Mega Millions Lotto, he’ll become a household name just like the man he’s backing for President, Newt Gingrich.

Adelson and his family are Gingrich’s most ardent supporters, contributing tens of millions of dollars to Gingrich Super PAC Winning Our Future. But Adelson is worried that Gingrich can no longer bring in the kind of bucks it takes to run a first-class or, at the very least, not-too-shabby Presidential campaign, and feels like he is throwing good money after bad.

Then again, being a gambling man from Vegas and learning that the Mega Millions Lotto is now worth almost $700 millon, Adelson says he’s willing to throw $1 million more at the fledgling candidate by buying a million chances to win the mother of all jackpots.

“I call him my multi-million dollar kid,” said Adelson from his Vegas hotel room on Thursday. “I’ve put a boatload of money into his campaign, and I believe he’s earned every penny even if the majority of conservative Americans aren’t buying what he’s selling.”

“So, what’s another million?” asked Adelson, as he reached for the banker’s box of lottery tickets his aide just delivered to his hotel room.

If, and when he wins the Mega Millions, Adelson says he’ll spend it all on paying Mitt Romney to either bow out of the race or hand Gingrich the VP position.

Advised that the jig is up and reports are coming out of Vegas that both Gingrich and Adelson have already begun the VP waltz with Romney, Adelson replied, “Ok, then, how about this? I’ll use the money to buy a little more influence in DC,” he said. “After all, the conservative agenda isn’t going to advance itself, now is it?”

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