Thursday, August 28, 2014

Labor Day Now #1 Hated Holiday in America

Labor Day is now the most hated holiday of all in America. Unemployment is at an all-time high. Salaries are the lowest they’ve been since the early ‘70’s inflation-wise, and most people hate their bosses, most of who make upwards of 600% more than they do.

The Labor Day holiday does nothing more today than remind millions of Americans that they have nothing to celebrate. Americans want to be working, not taking another day off—most without pay. That’s why many the majority of out-of-work Americans are boycotting the Labor Day holiday and going to work, anywhere.

Workers are showing up at factories unannounced turning on machines and making cars and refrigerators and other appliances. They are turning the lights on at banks and handling money like it was any other work day. They are washing cars, pumping gas and babysitting, anything to keep themselves busy.

In fact, so many people are working on this, their rightful day off, that it is skewing the unemployment numbers. But fear not, come Tuesday, everyone will be back at home, jobless, and everything again can return to normal.

Ed, Note First, I just figured out if  you put your fingers on the keyboard one letter left of the N in Note, you will write "Bite," just thought you'd like to know for future reference. Second, I wrote this originally on 9/6/10, but it has gotten so many hits on and around Labor Days since, that I've decided to make it a permanent Labor Day or thereabouts fixture. And third, as you can see by the employment figures out, there hasn't really been much of a change at all, just in the last digit of the year, that has successively gone from 10 to 11, 12, 13, and now 14.

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